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Who are We?


Building 7 Generations into the Future Starting with Our Own

The Academy is a leadership and community building innovation Center headquartered in downtown Buffalo NY.  It is an outreach component for The Conscious Investment Group (CIG).  We are a mastermind membership organization whose members take on the challenges of both spiritual and temporal advancement. The space and the organization provide entrepreneurs and their constituents an environment to brainstorm, discuss and implement spiritually and socially aligned business practices and strategies. 


The Academy Is our dojo; it is where we come to polish our spirit. 



Prosperity Economics

What is Prosperity Economics?

It is a philosophy that focuses on creating sustainable wealth for individuals, organizations, and society as a whole. It is an approach that emphasizes collaboration, innovation, and resourcefulness to achieve financial prosperity for all.

The Academy is committed to providing a supportive community for entrepreneurs and business owners to connect, share ideas, and grow together. We offer a comprehensive platform that includes tailored content, premium resources, and exclusive networking opportunities. Our focus on prosperity economics enables us to help our members achieve literacy and create life wealth.


Meet the Leadership Team

As the founders of The Academy, we believe that doing business with love is not only the right thing to do, but it’s also good business practice. We created The Academy to foster an environment where individuals can reach their full potential by being their authentic selves. Our team is made up of leaders who work tirelessly to create an inclusive community and provide opportunities for personal, professional and spiritual growth.


Dr. Curtis Haynes 

Economist, Investor, Educator


Jasmine Ramos

Healer, Feeler, Lover


TJ Precil

Model, Writer, Philosopher


Rafeal Suarez

Visionary. Wizard. Spritualist


Javier Mejia

Problem Solver and Strategist


David Reid

Finance and Business Specialist

So what do we do?

The Academy is a community that inspires collaboration, innovation, and personal growth. We work together on business projects and host events, but we also prioritize self-improvement by meditating, healing, and learning from different perspectives. Our goal is to create a space where individuals can feel supported, empowered, and connected to others. We believe that anything can be manifested when we come together with a shared vision.

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