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Building 7 Generations into the Future Starting with Our Own

Welcome to our Members-Only Innovation Center and Social Club focused on Community Building through Masterminding and Philanthropy.

We are based in Buffalo NY.

Are you:

Looking to be on the cutting edge of what is new in the world of culture, technology, entrepreneurship and investing?

Looking to incubate, and cross pollinate business ideas and social activities? 

Click below. 

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The Academy Mastermind 

The Power of the Mastermind

What is a mastermind? A Mastermind is created in the sharing and coordination of intellectual, emotional and physical energy and effort, in the spirit of harmony – between two or more people for the attainment of a definite purpose and the fulfilment of shared visions.  The concept was popularized by Napoleon Hill in his impactful “Think and Grow Rich.”

The Mastermind organization is the most perfect of all cooperative organizations. Effective masterminding creates a comparative-advantage in the attainment of a shared mission and agreed upon goals, desires and aspirations.  

The mastermind is the spiritual coordination of individual minds creating and stimulating a “third mind” more influential and “all knowing” than the sum of the parts.

The Academy mastermind organization is being cultivated for coordinated masterminding of spiritual and temporal advancement while “building seven generations into the future starting with our own.”

The mastermind draws freely from the experience, training, skills, and knowledge of those aligned with the definite major purpose of the organization. The resulting benefits include a magnification of the combined qualities of each member and increases, confidence, faith, perseverance and a host of other advantage. Harmonious cooperative and collective power is far greater than individually expressed power.

As part of the Academy mastermind organization we will provide you scholastic education, professions education, and financial education all with a purpose. We will mentor and set the conditions for the blossoming of mind, body and spirit. We will help you discover your inner leader, your authentic self.

Meal Ticket Savings Circle

How does the $12.99 per month meal ticket feed you? 

From the moment you stamp your meal ticket, you have begun asset creation and asset sharing through a cooperative method.

A portion of your stamped meal ticket, $7 of fiat currency is invested into the Meal Ticket Savings Circle held in your name. On the first of each month, the funds fiat currency is converted to bitcoin - a digital store of value. We call this “Stacking Satoshi’s.”

Another portion of the meal ticket, $1 in fiat currency is your portion invested into the Alumni Trust Fund a philanthropy fund.  This wealth is pooled from all members and is used for grants, stipends, scholarships.

Another portion of the meal ticket $1, is used to motivate passive income entrepreneurship through our mastermind recruitment program. You generate passive income from your marketing and recruitment efforts that converts leads to Members.   


Through the Meal Ticket Saving Circle we guarantee up to a 10% annual return. Bitcoin is currently a volatile asset that has generated on average a 200% return over the last decade. That return is based on an average hold of four years. However, if you chose to cash in your bitcoin savings during a down cycle, the return, could be from between zero or even negative. A one-year commitment is expected but you can cancel membership anytime.

Through or curriculum, calendar, and saving circle, and the process of masterminding, we guarantee that you will come to understand what we mean when we say “Cheaper than Netflix more valuable than a college education,” and why we are choosing to hold the Meal Ticket Saving Circle assets in bitcoin.

Importantly, if you chose to cancel before the one-year target, then all accumulated funds will be donated to the Alumni Philanthropy fund. If you cancel because of any lack on our part we will return your complete principle saved.

Give yourself a chance, play in our sandbox, and we together will build a world beyond expectations.

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