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The  Academy

Thank you for showing interest in joining the Academy mastermind  organization and taking a step towards financial freedom by participating in the Meal Ticket saving Circle 

“The Academy” is a leadership and community building innovation Center headquartered in downtown Buffalo NY.  It  is an outreach component of the venture capital and financial literacy cooperative, the Conscious Investment Group (CIG).  

“The Academy” is a mastermind membership organization whose members take on the challenges of both spiritual and temporal advancement. The space and the organization provide entrepreneurs and their constituents an environment to brainstorm, discuss and implement spiritually and socially aligned business practices and strategies. 

The Academy Is our dojo; it is where we come to polish our spirit. 


Stamp Your Meal Ticket with Us

Dr. Curtis Haynes Jr.

Inspired and Ready to Share

I studied economics in the “Happy Valley,” at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, during the “Camelot” years. I received my Ph.D. in 1993. My intellect was most influenced studying epistemology with Resnick and Wolff, and black political economy with Lloyd Hogan. My passion resonated with the graduate student organization the “Third World Caucus,” and the popular education retreats organized through the Center for Popular Economics. Goju-ryu karate and Eastern thought, especially Taoism were also influential to my growth and development during these years. My current academic home is Buffalo State College, Buffalo NY. Here I have close to 30-years in paradigm development in economic theory, policy and practice supported with innovations in pedagogy and participatory and applied research. I have received both community and campus recognition. I was voted 3 times as “Instructor of the Year,” by the BSC Student Government Association. In 2010 I was appointed to the City Council representing the Ellicott District, Buffalo’s most racially, ethnically and economically diverse Council District. I served for one very eventful year. I am published in the areas of black political economy and cooperative economics. The pinnacle of my scholarship is currently being organized in the unpublished “Journey of Economic and Spiritual Man, a Treaties in Political Economy, Economics and Applied Psychology,” and associated workbook.   In the late 90’s, I with other scholar activist co-founded a $400,000 HUD funded Community Outreach Partnership Center (COPC), now defunct. I am the Director for the Center for Economics and Education (CEE) at Buffalo State charged with the mission of popularizing “prosperity economics.” In 2004 I founded the Conscious Investment Group, 2014 the Mondragon Village Association, and in 2018 the CIG Leadership Academy in Community Building Economics. I believe in the 64 arts and like playing chess and the clarinet.


Trivet Jarmond


Call Me TJ 

TJ is a male model, menswear consultant, event coordinator and a member of the Academy Leadership Team. He has been with the organization for over 5 years  - hosting events, participating in masterminds and in assisting in the recruitment of Academy members. 

TJ is a self proclaimed "alchemist" but more specifically, he is a student of human nature, and seeks to understand and strengthen the relationship between the divine will of the human being and physical manifestations.


Jasmine Ramos

Student of Life

Lover. Feeler. Healer. Artist.


Javier Mejia


The Fixer. The Terminator. The Specialist. The Accountant.


David Reid


Financial Specialist.


Rafeal Suarez 


Visionary, Wizard, Philosopher, Spritualist

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About Us: Team Members
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